Saturday, October 8, 2016

Love Living on the Farm!!

After living in the city for many years, I didn't know if the adjustment would be easy or hard. I miss having a library the most. But not having close neighbors is great. Our last place, we lived for many years!

We lived at Ed's brothers house the summer and fall working, painting, trying to get people to work. Just about impossible to get anyone to work on Fridays!  I think both of us enjoyed building. Having "the Amish" (my brother-in-law and his crew) build was great too. It's hard to believe we will have lived on the farm now for five years!

I had a nice garden this year. Gardening is hard work. I have the same plot of ground used for generations!  Maybe for ten years the space has been only weeds, this summer started out with keeping the weeds in control. When harvest starts, I didn't do much weeding.  The garden will be finished up next week. I want to plant garlic and pick the peppers and get them pulled. That will end all the vegetables for this year. My freezer is full and the jars filled!

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