Saturday, September 20, 2008


Retirement. Interesting word. I have been BUSY! I attended pastor's wives retreat in Waupaca. Came home to Sheboygan for the weekend. On Monday my husband and I drove back to Waupaca for what the Assemblies call Keenager Kamp at Spencer Lake. They asked my husband to teach a workshop on Tuesday titled "Grandparenting". I couldn't imagine what the retreat would be like but I actually enjoyed myself. The people weren't all really old. I got to connect with some old friends of ours. We did come home Tuesday night to get ready for our weekend.

We had a garage sale today, its been years since we did a garage sale. We met some interesting people. Sunday we are having an open house with an ad in the Press. So hopefully someone will choose to buy this house!

One comment on Amish retirement . . . the dad sells his farm to someone in the family that chooses to be a farmer. They build a doty house and the parent can help out on the farm whenever they want. We are planning to build a doty house in Transfer on my husbands family farm. Does that count?