Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family Together Again!

Family - its so important! My family is planning to spend a long weekend together in Sheboygan. We have 3 children and 3 grandchildren, yeah! (5 children!) Growing up, after we left home and would come home for a visit, my mom would always cook our favorite meals and look forward to spending time with us. I would notice that mom would slave over the hot grill, etc. So one day I had a wonderful idea that would give mom time to spend with her family. Our family started buying chicken and chip in to help pay for the meat. My family continues this practice to this day.

I have a cute picture of us together at Steve's house, with mom in the background enjoying all of us playing together. Will that be my future? :-) I continue to tell my sisters that I am not old!!! :-)

Now as I am getting older, yes, I am getting older every year!!! I am the one in the back ground watching our children sharing family together and playing, chatting together. I will love this week with our grand children and children!!! Several years ago when Chris & Holly came to Sheboygan, we didn't think ahead and ask Josh to come home. So we plan to take a family photo, hopefully on the shore of Lake Michigan. This should be a great memory maker with the lake as the back ground.

Check back if I'm not too tired I'll blog about how our family spent time together and interesting events that took place. Did I say it already? I can't wait until tomorrow!!!