Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Holiday Celebrations

Growing up we didn't celebrate many holidays. I don't remember ever acknowledging Father's day or Mother's day. I love both Father's day and Mother's day celebrations which I have always enjoyed since becoming a parent. I have a birthday in April and Mother's day in May so these 2 special days in my life sometimes feel like they run together, but that's OK too.

Growing up Amish, as a family we had a big meal for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Easter is a Church event; I don't ever remember eating a big Easter dinner. The Amish have a special membership day in the spring and fall, which sorta takes in Easter.

Before the Amish have their fall membership, teens around 17 - 18 years of age take a membership class during the summer, then join church in the fall when the church serves communion. The people get water baptized (they pour a half cup water over their head while kneeling; the bishops wife holds the girls cap and helps put it back on her head.) I was always fascinated by all of this, and never got to participate because my parents left the Amish before I became of age.

The membership take communion in the spring and fall. The members fast the Saturday before this service for the first half of the day before participating in communion. A regular church service is 4 hours long, when they serve communion the service lasts at least 5 hours if not longer. Its a long day as I remember it. The entire service is orderly and very religious!

The girls before they become members wear a white cape and apron, along with a black pleated cap. After the girls become members, they start wearing a white cap. The men are supposed to start growing their beard, which they continue to trim with scissors until they get married.