Saturday, March 15, 2008

Having a Happy Family Day

We had our family over for Sunday dinner after Church. I dug out our toys left over from when our children were growing up. Josh had a big set of a Brio train set. He's showing his nephews how to set it up.

Too bad we had so much snow and ice this winter! Our last winter in snowy, Wisconsin hopefully! The roads were awful and now they have many potholes too. This winter was like the early eighty's when we had the Antarctic winds blow and lots of snow and ice. My father-in-law visited and complained about how awful the roads were. So we got one last blast from the past.

While Holly was visiting from NC, she left balmy weather, one night we had around five degrees overnight and it was really cold another night too. Poor Lincoln couldn't play outside because everything was icy, including the snow. So in desperation we took Lincoln to the mall and also he played at church. One nice sunny day, we played on the parking lot at church. Lincoln found some water from melting snow and splashed to his hearts content while his grandmother froze. I would have done anything because they came to visit us. Thank you to both Holly and Josh for leaving the comfort of home and traveling to Sheboygan.

Remembering . . .

From one generation to the next, that's where we are now. My father-in-law passed away a year ago March 4th. One day we are the child and the next thing you know your parents have passed away and you are the "older" ones.

My husband inherited his family farm in Transfer, PA. Its all official now. We are planning to build a house on the farm where the barn sat. Josh our youngest son is an architect working in NYC designed our house. My oldest brother-in-law with his Amish crew plans to build this house. One of my nephews with his Amish crew plans to finish the house. I don't have a picture of the house at this time but hopefully I can post it at a later date.

My family were all together last weekend in Sheboygan. Most likely Holly's last time to visit Sheboygan since we plan to move at the end of summer. Holly is expecting her second baby right around the beginning of August and we should have our farewell soon afterwards.

Anyway, Holly flew to Sheboygan with her son Lincoln to meet his new cousin that Brent & Tracy are adopting from Russia. (I wanted to post a picture but I guess I don't know how to get it). Anyway, Andrei arrived to Sheboygan just in time to celebrate his 7th birthday, December 21, than he celebrated Christmas with Tracy's family, the Bloks, Christmas Eve and than the Homer family on Christmas day. It was really nice to have a child to celebrate Christmas with.

So we enjoyed a long weekend with the "cousins" playing together. As grandparents, this is the height of happiness. I have many pictures of my family getting together having fun with my parents sitting in the background looking on. Yikes! I still want to be part of the fun!!! Hope that I feel that way for a long time!