Thursday, January 2, 2014

Finding Stuff after Moving

Ed and I have been looking for this basket we had on top of our kitchen cupboard in Sheboygan.  We knew that it got moved, but couldn't place what we did with it after the move.  We talked about this basket every now and again, but just couldn't find where it was!  I knew I had seen it and Ed did too. 

So I was getting my clothes together last week to get dressed.  I took a basket off my closet shelf, when I looked at the basket;  here it was all along!  So I brought it out to where Ed was sitting to show him that I found the basket!  I bought several square baskets to put small stuff to have my shelves more organized, but needed more storage space, so gathered baskets that weren't being used for the closet!  So another mystery solved!

We had company several months ago and they wanted to see some pictures of my in-laws;  do you think I could find the pictures?  Nope!  We lived in one house for thirty some years and of course I knew where to find the pictures.  I needed to downsize and put the pictures together in this new house and use the book case in the living room for storage.  I need to take the time this winter and re-organize our pictures.  Now we store them on our laptops and have been doing so for maybe ten years?