Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 Garden

I have a garden! I planted peas, lettuce and onions today! I am excited! It finally happened! Paul, my brother-in-law plowed the plot several weeks ago then came and disk the garden yesterday, and it looked pretty good after he went over it several times. This plot hasn't been used for at least ten years! I didn't take the top layer off so the dirt is full of roots and what not. Our kind neighbor Forest came soon after Paul left with a rotor tiller on his tractor! He went over the ground at least three times, so the dirt is pulverized! I plan to fill the garden space this summer, planting tomatoes, several kinds of peppers, pickles, squash, carrots, more onions, more lettuce and maybe even sweet corn. We'll find out if the wild animals will stay out of the garden! Paul's dog and that's her name too, has been coming to our farm for several days and now we don't see any ground hogs. Yeah! The empty house next door had several living under the front porch. It was Sunday, our dogs daily entertainment.

I found the farm has several big patches of daffodil along with several types! I am getting excited to get our water feature completed along with the stone wall rebuilt, get our patio poured, etc. Our farm house has ivy that I want to pot and let it creep over the stone. It will help soften the appearance of the stone.

I am hosting "Sister's Day" next Saturday, so they will get to see the house, several for the first time. Well, we only moved in several months ago! We are pretty much unpacked, the boxes are out of the farm house where we stored the stuff we moved out of our Sheboygan home. Yeah!