Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We Moved to PA

We moved the first week of December 2011. This year has been the most work in my life! I feel like I painted and painted and still not finished! We painted enough to pass inspection. Thank God we hired a crew of Amish men to give our house the under coat of paint. All we need is to give everything the last coat of paint. Plus paint all the trim, doors, we have many windows which all have trim! Baseboards all around!

We hired my brother Stephen to do our carpentry work. When he saw what all needed to be done he asked if his son Stevie could help us. So, along with Ed's brother Paul, we got finished. Paul hung all the doors, put on many or most of the handles. My brother sprayed all the doors and trim. He finished all the doors. (Some of the frames were an off white that I painted). All I need is to give the trim its final coat of paint which is a big help. I quit painting until maybe February?

We painted most of the walls a sunny yellow. Without furniture it looked like it could overwhelm everything. Since we moved in with our furniture it is blended very nicely.

We had a big bookcase built right into the living room which helps with our books and trinkets. Its amazing how much went into the bookcase! We are still finding books and finding places to put them in the bookcase! Josh spent several days of his Christmas vacation helping us get organized. He worked at least a day on organizing the pantry! Thank you Joshua!!! I am starting to find things without spending lots of time looking!

The bookcase looks great thanks to Joshua spending several days working on it. We still haven't put up any curtains. Its amazing how much light we are finding living out in the country without curtains! I am sure we'll want some before spring when the sun rises early in the morning!

I am thankful for all the help we had moving both in Sheboygan and PA! We had so many people helping us in Sheboygan, it rained and so the people they lined up like a brigade which helped. Thank God for Ed Horvat, he's a professional mover and volunteered to direct the loading of the truck. It took several hours but we got the truck loaded with more stuff then we could imagine! Our new church provided 4 men to unload which is an easier job by far! By noon the truck was unloaded! Thank God for the church!