Thursday, December 31, 2009

Being Thankful

Its the end of the year, again. I am thankful for so many things today! My husband, we have been married for over 41 years, our family, and grandchildren just for starters. Ed and I have a nice home to live in, warm, nicely furnished. We have many wonderful memories in this home.

Ed retired after pastoring Praise Fellowship Church for 29 years; they were wonderful, busy years. I will always call this our home church where our children grew up, went to college and moved away to start their own families. Well, Brent, our oldest son moved away from our house, but he's employed by Praise Fellowship for which I am thankful for.

Ed and I have a nice life, nice memories from our PF family. Good friends from town, in the district . . .

Yes, this is a blog about Amish/English but sometimes just sitting back and reflecting is wonderful and necessary. Having grown up without electricity, I will say that living with all these modern conveniences have been wonderful. Sometimes in my reflections, remembering in the mid-nineties learning to use computers, we now use cell phones, blogs, facebook, etc.

Ed & I travel which we enjoy. With our daughter and her family living in NC, we love visiting our grand children in NC! Growing up Amish we used horse & buggy for our every day going here and there. Now we fly to places much further then any where I traveled growing up. Maybe we'll get to fly or drive to NYC again this year and visit our youngest son. Its a fun city to tour and I love leaving again too.