Friday, April 2, 2010

More on Modern Conviences

As I was cooking lunch the other day I had to marvel at how easy it is today to cook a great dinner. We have a George Foreman that I love to cook on during our long winter months. Then there is the microwave that makes wonderful veggies, heats up soups, etc. I have a great toaster oven, so I don't always need to heat up the big oven on the stove. And of course where would we be without a toaster, a blender and a mixer. Sometimes I choose to use the slow cooker, another small appliance that plugs in to cook up tasty meals.

Growing up, cooking had to be thought out and planned for. First of all you couldn't (at least we didn't) run to the store for a forgotten item on the list of what might be needed to make a great dinner. The stove needed to have wood to burn and the fire needed to be stirred up so it would be hot enough and last long enough to cook dinner.

Baking bread was the biggest challenge for me growing up. Of course I was pretty young when I helped bake the family bread too. One of my nieces has a great oven that runs with kerosene which does make the task easier. It must bake at least 8 - 10 loaves at a time, which would make baking bread so much easier and less time consuming.

I don't think I want to give up these conviences and go back to the old ways anytime soon. Of yes, I have a dishwasher that takes care of the dirty dishes. Yeah!