Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Season 2013

We have been living in our new home for about 2 years.  I still love the life that comes with living here.  The house is off the main road, the lane keeps going on and on!  Several people trying to find us have commented on the long lane.  In fact it used to be a County Road.  They gave Grandpa Homer a grader to keep the lane up and he named the lane Homer Lane.

Our garden did well and our freezer is full and the cupboard is filled with jars.  I bought a bushel of peaches from neighbors and canned them.  I froze some for cobblers, etc.

Growing up all of our meals were cooked from "scratch".  So that's how I learned to cook.  When we retired I decided I could cook our meals instead of eating our meals in restaurants.  This saves us money and the food is better for us too.  It takes some doing to not overeat!

The orchard from the farm produces every other year and this was the year we had/have apples.  We started with Transparent Apples this summer.  I asked Josh to pick them when he visited and I made apple pandowdy from them and applesauce too.  This fall the Spy's ripened and I froze several pies and made several other apple dishes.  The canned applesauce is also very good!   I dried apples too!  The trees still have apples on them, I wish I could climb trees like I used to when growing up!  Well, not really but I loved climbing trees and that's where the apples are still hanging!

Every year my goal has been to blog more often.  Maybe this will be the year that it will happen.