Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Contemplating Turning 60 Years Old...

When I turned 16 years of age, my parents sold the family farm. This was the house I was born in! We actually moved on my 16th birthday. Now I've turned 60 years of age and my husband and I are moving out of Sheboygan this fall, out of a house we have lived in for 26 years! I have had a good life up to now so I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to live in this house! We bought it in hard times, and now we need to sell it in not such a great time (for sellers). But God helped us before and I believe He will help us again! I will always remember these events in my life.

Way back as a teenager, I was only beginning my adventures with God. I left home for Bible College that fall, which has changed my life forever. I went to Philadelphia my first summer and worked for Teen Challenge. I was right off the farm and went right into the heart of a city! Wow! Being shy and not really knowing much about the world, I would follow others around and pray for them as they would share Christ. One of my friends loved to visit Temple University right up the street from where Teen Challenge was located on Broad Street. I loved everything about getting out and about. My room at the end of the summer was on the fifth floor with no elevator, so I would count the stairs. I soon learned not to forget a hanky or the little stuff! I remember ministering at the Coffee House on a Friday night. One thing I knew back than for sure; Legalism! Christian women wore no make up! :-) One of the people were talking to me and started on make up, why Christians didn't wear make up. But I was firm knowing that would be one thing I would not do!

After I graduated from Bible College I realized that I couldn't do small talk with anyone outside of the church so I ask God to help me not be a freak. I worked on learning to socialize and getting along with people. Than I became a pastor's wife and thought, what should that look like . . . and becoming a mom I had no more time to worry about such small stuff! I am so grateful to God for the life he has allowed me to lead! I am grateful for the traveling I have done, my husband and I have done, and what God will allow in the future!