Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Salvation Coming to the Amish

Now that we live close to Amish neighborhoods.  I saw a newspaper article advertising "Steve and Jake Lapp", Amish brothers sharing how they were excommunicated by leaders of the Old Order Amish.  That's what happened to my parents, so of course I was interested.  They continue to dress like the Amish, live in RV's and travel across the United States, speaking and giving Seminars.

After the service closed they wanted to pray for the sick "by laying on hands".  Wonderful!  The leader said he broke his pelvis after falling out of a barn, he was miraculously healed by the power of God and became a born-again Christian. 

My family became born-again Christians after I was prayed for.  I fell at school and injured my leg,  it was black and blue, swollen and painful.  Mrs. Clark was visiting our home at the time and felt that God wanted her to pray for me.  The first time she prayed for me, nothing happened, the second time she visited, she felt led by God to lead me in the "sinner's prayer".  I repeated the prayer she ask me to pray.  The next morning I was pain free!  I didn't understand being born-again. 

God started working in my life and my parents.  After a year of prayer and God speaking to my parents they decided to be water baptized by immersion.  My mom experienced healing, my dad was smoker and Mrs. Clark asked him to seek God, God came to my dad in a dream and he quit smoking and became born again.  My family started attending a spirit filled church and were excommunicated and shunned!  I realize now that this must have been a hard time in my parents lives, but to experience God's peace and forgiveness of sin is wonderful.  Knowing that Jesus died on the cross to set us free from sin in the best Christmas message ever!

Looking back on this time of our lives I am so blessed that the Holy Spirit through the Word of God started speaking to us!  According to God's Word I have eternal life!  To have the peace of God is so wonderful!  During the Christmas season this is a time to reflection and blessed that God sent his son Jesus to be born of a virgin Mary.  This is only the beginning!  God is always speaking and working in our lives.  We need to take the time to listen to hear the voice of God!

We have New Order Amish living in our neighborhood.  They have electricity, farm with tractors.  When driving past their homes it looks like any home.  They dress plain and use horse and buggy to go to church.  They have a church building to use for their services.  They preach the salvation message! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Now that I am living in Pennsylvania, much closer to my siblings I try to remember to look at Amish when I see them out shopping.  Just the other day when I was grocery shopping, I saw a lady that looked familiar so I got closer and said "hello", here it was one of my older sisters! 

Several years ago when visiting this area, when shopping in one of the "big box stores", I heard a laugh that sounded familiar so I went to the aisle I thought I heard the laugh, yes, it was another of my sisters!  It was so nice to meet up with her too!

Growing up Amish I didn't get to shop very often.  Our family was large and I think my mom wanted the time alone when ever she could get it.  Very few times in my growing up years did I get to shop or go out with my mom.  It was always specaial whenever I got to go to town!

Now that I drive a car its not a big deal to go to town.  Plus in the winter the car is nice and warm!  Compared to the buggy and horse, even though they close the buggy up, its still cold!!  They have a wool lap blanket they cover there legs while traveling.  We were always squashed into the back seat going to church, I don't remember the cold.

The neighborhood I live in now has "New Order Amish".  They use tractors for farming.  The houses and barns have electric so driving past the farm, you can't tell the Amish from the English.  They use horse and buggies to drive to church on Sundays.  They ladies dress plain and wear a little white cap.  Last summer a lady ask me why I didn't dress plain, even though she assured me she didn't believe her clothes took her to heaven.