Sunday, December 8, 2013


Now that I am living in Pennsylvania, much closer to my siblings I try to remember to look at Amish when I see them out shopping.  Just the other day when I was grocery shopping, I saw a lady that looked familiar so I got closer and said "hello", here it was one of my older sisters! 

Several years ago when visiting this area, when shopping in one of the "big box stores", I heard a laugh that sounded familiar so I went to the aisle I thought I heard the laugh, yes, it was another of my sisters!  It was so nice to meet up with her too!

Growing up Amish I didn't get to shop very often.  Our family was large and I think my mom wanted the time alone when ever she could get it.  Very few times in my growing up years did I get to shop or go out with my mom.  It was always specaial whenever I got to go to town!

Now that I drive a car its not a big deal to go to town.  Plus in the winter the car is nice and warm!  Compared to the buggy and horse, even though they close the buggy up, its still cold!!  They have a wool lap blanket they cover there legs while traveling.  We were always squashed into the back seat going to church, I don't remember the cold.

The neighborhood I live in now has "New Order Amish".  They use tractors for farming.  The houses and barns have electric so driving past the farm, you can't tell the Amish from the English.  They use horse and buggies to drive to church on Sundays.  They ladies dress plain and wear a little white cap.  Last summer a lady ask me why I didn't dress plain, even though she assured me she didn't believe her clothes took her to heaven. 


j o s h said...

I wonder if they sneak those hand warmers for long, cold buggy rides?!

Unknown said...

I can't believe that I just discovered your blog now. I'm excited to read your previous posts - I love your blog! :0)

Amish/English said...

Thanks Bethany! I hope to be more faithful writing in the New Year!