Saturday, October 8, 2016

I'll Try to Blog Again

We had a fun week with both Holly and Josh, along with Lincoln and Crogan.  We started the week with the Guernsey Ice Cream, all you can eat, last Friday in Mercer, PA.  Josh posted pictures on Facebook.

The weather was decent allowing us to play outside most of the week.  We had rain for most of the month of June, so hopefully the remainder of summer will be more normal.  Holly brought some outside games with her and I bought some, like the bean bag toss that we play.  Lincoln favorite is the frogs in the little pond we have from the spring up on the hill.  Of course both Lincoln and Corgan helped pick blueberries and raspberries.  The raspberry crop is running over this year.  With all the rain we got last month we have a  bumper crop.  I am begging people to come and pick!  I already made 2 batches of jam.  I plan to make a batch for Holly to take home.

Holly and Chris took Lincoln and Corgan to Niagara Falls for several days.  I am jealous, it would have been so much fun to go along!  (Of course we have the dog, that takes some doing to have him taken care when we leave the farm.)  So I'll be anxious to see pictures of there trip to Canada.  Holly is a great planner, making sure they use their time wisely.

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