Friday, July 29, 2011

Finishing up our new house

Ed and I are working on the house trying to paint and get everyone working. The floors are going in. Its looking good!

Hopefully next month we'll get the fill done around the house and put in the septic too. We need to get the water turned on, the well and soften is in place. Everything has taken a looong process. We were in PA for most of July and are going back next week. Hopefully we can finish up soon.

Josh is taking a weeks vacation from his job to come and help out. Maybe I'll have a kitchen when he gets done? Looking forward to putting in the hardwood floors too.

I'll try to post the slate floor that's getting put in. I forgot that the pictures are on my IPhone and I don't know how to get it on my laptop. Maybe when our sons come to PA I can learn many new things . . .

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j o s h said...

it's looking good mom. you can always email pictures to yourself until i show you how to transfer them to your laptop. glad you remembered you have a blog.