Friday, August 7, 2009

My Hobby - Reading

My mother instilled the love of reading to most of my siblings. Whenever mom would have some time she would find a magazine, or later on in life, books someone brought home from school, she would read them, sometimes overnight.

Growing up we didn't have many books in our home. We had a worn out Bible Story book I read from cover to cover many times. Mom would go to my grandmothers who had like a library and bring books from her house. The bad side to this; dad couldn't stand to see us sitting around reading. Even after all our chores were done it would aggravate him. Sundays was a day we didn't work so I would take a book and crawl into bed to read. Our upstairs didn't have any heat so this was partly to stay warm too. (Out of sight, out of mind!)

My dad played games with us after our evening meal and mom would sit and read. With 12 children she didn't have much time to herself.

I love the library that stocks great books. I have learned to use the internet and request the books then get notified through emails when they come in. Plus you don't need to spend time looking them up.

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j o s h said...

i do the same thing with my library. and in my city, you can request books from any library in the county and they'll send them to your local library and send you an email to come pick them up.

it's funny, i just got a library card yesterday for my new neighborhood.

thanks for passing on the love of reading to your kids.